Block Off Kits

Premium Gasket Material is non-wicking (oil-fuel-coolant)

Precision Cut – matches ports correctly

3/8 inch Bolt Holes to prevent slide down. Eliminates need to pre mount gasket on manifold

.030 Thickness for correct manifold/port alignment. Has cut outs to hold block off plates

.021 Hi Grade stainless steel plates (precise fit) do not burn through

Eliminates the need for turkey tray (save $40) and filling the manifold

Eliminates need to modify or soften gasket to clamp plates


*Thicker gaskets raise the intake MFLD creating end seal issues and INT MFLD misalignment.

*On a motor rebuild the manifold is machined to compensate for head and/or block decking using a thicker gasket.

*Block decking use of a thicker gasket requires excessive machining – often reducing the flange contact area required for sealing.

Installation instructions included. Permanent leak free and simple to install. Hundreds in use.

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